SkyNet | Validators

Our Validator Philosophy:

We at SkyNet believe a healthy community of Validators begins with knowledge and understand proper validator architectural best practices. Only with these two key understanding can a validator hope to be secure. Why is this important? It is important because Validators are the core nodes of any blockchain and sign every transaction on the chain.

My effort is the:

First, ensure the security and safety of SkyNet | Validators supported blockchains that we are validating on.

Second, educate and support our delegators in a transparent and positive manner. We offer a 100% soft slashing refund to our delegators.

Third, to support the validator community by sharing the knowledge gained on our path to today.

So who are we, our first validator project was Akash Network beginning with Phase 1 of the Akashian Challenge, Akash Network’s Testnet. This phase’s purpose was to test validator operations in preparation for Mainnet 1. You can learn more about our contributions by visiting our Akash Validator page.

Our next project, which is still in testnet, is Desmos. Desmos is a blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK and based on the Tendermint consensus engine specific for social networking apps. It uses game theory and on-chain governance to decentralize the business model of social networks prioritizing the interests of users.

Our next project, which is still in testnet, is Gravity Bridge. Gravity Bridge is Cosmos <-> Ethereum bridge designed to run on the Cosmos Hub. It is focused on maximum design simplicity and efficiency. Gravity is currently can transfer ERC20 assets originating on Ethereum to a Cosmos based chain and back to Ethereum.